You have your college's sweatshirt, now you can have the bracelet to match!

Jewelry Care

We all like to have our jewelry last a lifetime. It is important to care for your collegiate bracelets. Here are basic instructions to care for all styles:
  • Sterling Silver 925  with two tone 14K gold plated bangles or cuffs.
  • Avoid any water and chemicals with any jewelry. 
  • The silver only can be cleaned with a soft cloth and only rubbing minimally with a non abrasive cleaner. Avoid contact with the plated gold or it may rub gold off. 
  • The gold plated accents on all pieces can be cleaned minimally with cotton and very minimal amount of mild soap and water. Rub minimally.
  • Gold plated is not made to last forever but will last years if avoiding wear and tear with use. Perfumes and hairspray can tarnish jewelry very easily.
  • If your jewelry needs re-plating the silver or gold accents we will do this for a service fee of $40.00 plus shipping. Please contact us and we will give you instructions.
  • Silver cloths are also available on our website for purchase. 
  • We want you to wear and enjoy your special peace of jewelry you have received.


Thank you from everyone at COLLEGIATE SILVER!